Danveer is India’s pioneering crowdfunding platform, revolutionizing charity by offering transparency. It enables users to track their donations, fostering trust and accountability in the fundraising process.

Danveer stands out as a unique platform that introduces a fresh level of trust and transparency in supporting social organizations. Instead of providing monetary contributions, we ensure transparency by delivering essential products directly to these organizations. Our platform prioritizes transparency as a key value, offering a distinct and trustworthy approach to charitable giving.

Products acquired during a campaign will be delivered once the campaign concludes. However, if the organization makes a specific request, we’re open to delivering the products before the campaign ends as well.

Once you’ve contributed to a campaign on Danveer, please note that the donation amount is non-refundable. However, if there are multiple debits of the same amount, you’ll be refunded for the second occurrence. For any further questions, feel free to contact us at info@danveer.org

Organizations using Danveer can select from a range of quality and price options for the products they wish to feature in their campaigns. The choice of products to list is entirely at the discretion of the organization.

At Danveer, you can track your donations using the Tracking ID which will be provided to you at the time you donate to your cause. You will be notified when your donation will be utilized in full.

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